Becoming Myself

Screw resolutions. They set us up for failure. Too much pressure. When the time is right for a change in your life or something new you’ll know it, because you will actually follow through. Something will push you to the point of finally being able to find the motivation. Life is short, so get in touch with what is important and who you want to be, then start making things happen. One step at a time. I dare you to fall down, lay in the dirt a while, whine about all of the things that put you there. Kick and scream a little bit. Then pick yourself up and try it again. I’ll be right next to you trying to get the stains off my pants….because that will be a good distraction….from moving forward and trying again.

Make your own list. Don’t set time limits and just keep adding to it. The work of becoming ourselves is never done.


1. Quit Smoking  2 months…only a couple of puffs! Hey it is hard when you are having a couple of beers…

2. Actually use my day planner    running at about 8% of the time…

3. Use all GREEN cleaning products    halfway there….

4. Learn how to Layer in Photoshop

5. Get Pregnant   diligently working on it

6. Have one brief moment in which all laundry in my house is clean

7. Stop pushing myself so damn hard

8. Find a way to pay someone ELSE to clean my house once in a while

9. Make more time for art

10. Remember that I like to cook  ACCOMPLISHED!

11. Find a way to work less and make more money  Holla! I’m a comin’ your way…

12. Start writing letters again and yes, I mean by snail mail

13. Find a way to exercise regularly that works in my life    once a week is better than none

14. Laugh more  starting to

15. Stop taking myself so seriously

16. Stop feeling bad when I don’t do something perfect

17. Spend more time loving my dog

18. Do something that scares me  Last day at the prison is Friday…..

19. Kick FEAR’s ass in general   running about 80% of the time

20. Write Dammit! does blogging count?

21. Joint the Flickr 365 Days group 1/5/08  Lasted an entire day….

22. Go to a public event just to document it in photos

23. Train a Newfoundland to be a therapy dog

24.  Spend more time being and less time doing

25. Start moving towards private practice and work that fulfills my life.  I quit my full time job, that’s a start ! 

2 responses

16 06 2014
Joan Piazza

You sound like my clone. I am a SW in the VA and often feel like I am in prison. Actually, I worked for 1 1/2 years in Community Corrections before coming to the VA and that job felt less like a prison, then this one. I am at a point in my life that finding work/life balance is what’s it’s all about. I seriously, thinking about leaving the VA tofind something part-time and just make it work. Everyone here is counting the MINUTES until they can retire.

16 06 2014
Joan Piazza

Sorry, terrible editing on my part.

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