might as well be on a meat hook

6 02 2009

So the unit I work on at the prison is called APOD. This is the Maximum Security unit and holds about 90 men. In order to meet with people, I have to walk around the floor of the Pod to the interview room. I have gotten used to this and it doesn’t terrify me anymore, but it still is mny least favorite thing to do. You know how it feels to be walking down the street and have a group of men working on whatever project stare at you as if you are on display for purchase? Ever have them actually holler something out at you? I find this infuriating. If I was on the street, I would stop and begin to let the assholes know exactly what I thought of them and attempt to shame them into more respectful behavior towards women. In fact I have done this, many many times in my┬álife.

When it happens in prison, I have to be more controlled about my reaction, because well – I’m at work and suppoesed to be a professional. If I am fortunate enough to see who it is that makes a comment, I will hold them accountable. If they are beligerent or unwilling to take responsibility, then I write their ass up for sexual harrassment. But they are smart you see. They make comments when it is nearly impossible to tell which one of them did it. Yesterday, it was when they were all locked up and I was walking across the floor. Nothing like having a “client” yell that they want to fuck you to start the day off right.