Saying Goodbye

16 05 2009

Hi everyone. I am writing to say this is my last blog entry and I will be deleting my blog soon. For those of you that have been reading since I first started this blog and then followed me when I created a new one – thank you. Since leaving my job at the prison, I am finding that I haven’t been able to transition this blog to other topics. This was a wonderful outlet for me during a job that was the most difficult one I have had so far. I may blog again, but not about social work. I spend enough hours being a social worker all week and want to focus on other things in my life. I will continue to check in on your blogs and thank you again for all of your support and feedback.

-The inmate whisperer



8 responses

16 05 2009

Well that sucks. I loved your writing and hearing what you had to say. I hope you’re enjoying your new job.

16 05 2009

I too loved your writing, and as I had only recently ‘discovered’ you, you will be missed. I hope you would reconsider and maintain the blog (or a different incarnation). As an MSW student, I have truly enjoyed your content as well.

Best wishes from Oregon.

18 05 2009

Take care!

19 05 2009

I understand–keeping up a blog can feel burdensome at times. Hope the new job is going well and take care. Should you start a new one, come on over and give me the address so I can follow along. All the best, Reas

19 05 2009

I understand, but I will miss you. Hope you stop by to say hello every now and then. Blessings in all you do.

28 01 2010
27 02 2013

It was great reading out your blogs, quite inspirational. jail search

21 03 2013
Austin Ordoyne

Hey, Im a criminal justice major at Westfield State, and I just came across your blog while doing a research paper for my class “introduction to social work”. I have not read all your blogs yet, but so far your opinion seems incredibly insightful and interesting. I have to interview a social worker and your work seems right down my alley. I would be incredibly grateful if youd let me interview you! please contact me at thank you!

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