to blog or not to blog

29 01 2009

So I am experiencing some serious blogger guilt about not posting more regularly. I’ll be honest, after having to delete my original blog because THE MAN was breathing down my neck, I have lost some of my oomph. I am grieving the loss of several months of writing and I feel like I am starting all over again.

Also, I have been pretty focused on my work  – in terms of changing it. My goal for this year is to work less and make more as well as find the soul stirring feeling that brought me to the social work profession in the first place. I have come through the denial and admitted that working at the prison is completely sucking the soul out of me and I’ve almost nothing left to give to the inmates I work with. I just can’t take the injustice any longer.

That being said, I am working with the law of attraction to bring the things I want into my life. So far, interesting things are afoot and it appears I may be moving on from the prison soon…stay tuned for that.

As I potentially enter a new arena of work and life, I am struggling with whether to continue this blog. It started as a self reflection blog about my search for joy in my life. It soon morphed into a social work blog specifically about prison and being a helping professional inside of it. Now, I have changed the name to reflect that and it appears it may ALL be changing. I am on the island of blog indifference. Anyone got a boat?



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29 01 2009

I don’t have the stats to back this up but I do believe this is happening to all of us. We all seem to be questioning and blogging less. I have been questioning whether I was mistaken when I thought social workers needed all the crap I provide on my site. I’ve been speculating on taking the entire thing down. I won’t because I have way to much invested in it, but there are times… Maybe it’s just the winter blah’s. It sounds like you are moving in the right direction and when you’re decisions are made and your spirits are up about those decisions, you’ll want to keep writing. I’m sure of it. We’ve already lost one of our best writers, I sure would have to lose another one… 🙂

30 01 2009

There are a few times I’ve come close to quitting. This time of year is a bit grim too. Maybe a personal non-work related thing would be something to go for. Work-related while staying anonymous is stressy sometimes and the most important thing is to write to make you feel better, not worse!
Obviously, the important thing is to do what sense to you and no do anything that you feel is adding pressure.
But I am glad the work thing is resolving (if I read that correctly!).

31 01 2009

If the blog morphs, it morphs. I think we all have a bit of ourselves in our blogs even if they’re social work blogs in name. But don’t post out of guilt! I have a feed so I know when you’ve posted. I think most people are the same. It’s your blog–post when you feel moved to do so.

Good luck with the work thing!

13 02 2009

Very good blog. It’s one of the best I’ve read so far. I almost deleted all of my entry’s the other day as well but am glad I didn’t.

30 07 2011
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9 02 2014

I have just stumbled across your blog as I am preparing for interviews to work in the public safety realm in Hawaii. I see that you have retired from your prison work, and sound like it got you to the point of burnout. I am just hoping to start mine, as working with a nonprofit at a substance abuse treatment facility his economically killing me. I think I will morph through some different arenas for awhile, including whichever job the state accepts me for, then I will do some private practice too. I am going to explore your blog some more today..

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