Threat to Security

3 01 2009

Prison administrators and those in power know how to get around policy. They are quite skilled at it actually. This is concerning since essentially, policy and procedure exists in a prison system to protect an inmate’s rights. I would question that though and say that it really exists to cover the ass of prison officials who don’t like publicity and lawsuits. There is one phrase in particular that was coined to give an excuse for a questionable decision and it is called “threat to security”. These three words give an enormous amount of power to those already drenched in it. With these three words they can remove an inmate from a housing unit, a job, or a class or treatment group. With these three words they can cancel a visit with family or  a scheduled furlough or can get a low risk inmate transferred to a facility intended for high risk offenders. Imagine an 18 year old in a Maximum security prison? Why you ask? he must be a “threat to security”.

What is even more stunning is that those three words are the ONLY REASON THEY NEED TO GIVE. No one is asking for an explanation. Well, almost no one…. From time to time I have been known to question a decision. That doesn’t typically get them engaged in a friendly conversation but will certainly guarantee me a lecture on “chain of command” and “insuboordination”.  Meanwhile, I am busy wondering what it is they are trying to hide? This state is like a big ‘ol small town sometimes. Everyone is connected to everyone else. Personal vendettas do come into play and I believe they effect some people’s ability to make fair decisions.

Case in point. I know of an inmate that has knowledge of certain security officers who regulalry “visit” with “exotic dancers”. How does said inmate know this? Well, he worked as the dancers personal bodyguard…when they made housecalls. Now this inmate could be using this information to get a mighty comfortable stay in prison. This is not his first time around the bend and he knows how to manipulate. But he has created a new life on the outside and is really trying to make some different choices. He has not used that information once but he is being retaliated against and harrassed anyway. Don’t tell me those officers aren’t in fear that he may reveal something, they must be sweating. Especially when they picture their wives and children finding out. Juicy isn’t it?

My point is this. This guy follows the rules. Every single policy and procedure and formal or informal directive. He just wants to get through this bid with no trouble. And even though he has broken no rules and done nothing wrong, he has not been transferred yet to a less restrictive housing unit but is sitting in the maximum security holding unit….for months. Why you ask? Well it’s those 3 magic words people – “threat to security”. 

“Threat to my marriage” is more like it.



2 responses

4 01 2009

Wow. What a broken system that things like this happen. Some people really hate the truth, don’t they?

4 01 2009

That is really frightening stuff. Unfortunately, a part of me is not in the least bit surprised.

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