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2 01 2009

3 is the average number of times I am sexually harrassed at work a day

4 is the number of years I have worked at the prison

5 is the number of gates that I have to go through to get to my office

6 is the number of gates I have to go through to get to the Prison Pod I work in

40 is the number if inmates on the floor of the Pod I have to walk through to get to the tiny closet of a room I use to do interviews

100 is the number of people I assess and diagnose a month

0 is the number of days my company was willing to give me off 5 days before my time re-upped so I could grieve the loss of my dog.

It is amazing how little big corporations actually care about their employees. There are no special favors or considerations. If it is not in the policy book, it can’t be done. What is infuriating about it is that I work so hard for this company. I keep my numbers up, I meet our contract requirements, and I actually give a crap about the people I am spending time with. After 4 years at the prison, that is no small taks. This environment will beat the compassion right out of you. Then, a crisis befalls my life that I couldn’t have planned for and I am 5 days away from having more PAID TIME OFF dumped into my “bank” for the year, and they won’t give me a day or two early so I can deal with the fact that I just put my dog to sleep.

So explain to me again about social workers and self care and how important that is??? Then someone please explain to me why so many companies could give a crap about the states that their employees minds are in.



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2 01 2009

There you are! It totally freaked me out when you vanished – glad to see you back. And I am really sorry that you could not get the time off that you needed – and so sorry too about your pup 😦

2 01 2009

I just went from casual (where you don’t earn PTO) to a permanent position. So, I have all of 3 days of PTO earned. I have two kids and my husband will be getting his severance through the end of May. So, I told my boss I would rather take a mandatory absence for things like Christmas Eve when were told we were staffing down only one person could work than use up what little PTO I had earned. Well, now they are saying I can’t take the day without pay, I have to use my PTO. So frustrated because I would have just been the one to volunteer to work Christmas Eve….grrrr….And then if something comes up and I don’t have enough PTO I’ll probably get a raft of it!

3 01 2009

I’m so sorry about your dog but I’m glad you’re still around blogging. I learn a lot from your writings. Take care of yourself the best you can and try to have a great new year 🙂

3 01 2009

I understand what you are saying about being a social worker. I too am a social worker. I work for a foster care agency in Western Kansas. Kansas is the only state to have privatized foster care. I am a case manager for children in foster care. The hours are long and days are many. Isn’t it strange how one can be a social worker and be able to do so many different things. I found your blog through, I believe, The Pioneer Woman. You had commented about something regarding MM’s cousin Matteo. So I clicked on your name and here I am. I’m sorry about your dog. I know how devastating it can be. Take a few hours out for you.


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